A Roman god of fire, volcanos, and craftsmanship. As a smithing god, Vulcan
made all of the weapons for other gods. Vulcan had a strong association
with fire's destructive capacity.

This lamp shows the burning fire inside which cracked the solid piece of
strong wood into identical pieces. Powerful energy that destroys everything also can be life
saving and fertilizing, that's why it's collected inside of the living tree.


    Black walnut wood is the only dark North American wood. It's prized by woodworkers for its strength,
    grain, and color which is a rich chocolate brown-- with occasional purple tones. 

    This lamp is carefully cut and the warm light is placed in the middle, which creates a very interesting and 
    unique ambiance and a shadow. Makes it a perfect decor piece for a fireplace or a nightstand.


    This particular item is a small version of this lamp. This tower rises 
    approximately 15 inches and has 5 inches width.

    Due to the uniqueness of the wood pattern will vary.

    *Custom sizes are available



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