The MALAYA Mountains were a range of mountains and according to 
the Matsya Purana, during the Great flood, the giant 
boat of King Manu was perched after the deluge on the top.

The peaks of these Malaya mountains were said to be 
higher than those of the Sahya Mountariod of recorded history.

"MALAYA" floor lamp represents this great mountain range
that elevates higher and a beacon of the hope on its top.1


    Presented model is made with a black walnut. It's also known as American walnut is a very durable, 
    medium density wood. Color can range from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with 
    darker brown streaks. We also have a wide variety of finish colors which will satisfy any color scheme 
    and design.

    As for the top, we use a custom-made wooden shade, which creates a unique and soothing shadow.

    *Other material options are available


    This tall lamp rises over 38 inches which will attract enough attention
    but won't occupy too much usable space. 

    Every tree is unique and since we create one of a kind items - sizes,
    wood patterns and cracks will be different.

    *Shorter or taller options are available per request



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