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Agemede was a princess of Elis, eldest daughter of Greek King Augeias, and a practitioner of Pharmacia - witchcraft and the mixing of medicinal herbs. She was loved by the god Poseidon and bore him a son named Diktys "the Fisherman"

The lamp's appearance depicts a blond braided hair of the Greek goddess. By moving lower
you will find a smooth line, just like a river going down, which softens the edges and glows
in a dark.


    Black Walnut’s grain colors are a combination of rich dark brown to subtle tones of purple colors for the heartwood and lighter creamy straw tones in the sapwood. Most walnut produced in the states is steamed to blend the dark color of the heartwood into the light color of the sapwood.

    Fusing the wood with an eco-friendly glow in the dark epoxy mixture will add a dreamy glow to the main legs crack, creating an additional point of interest.


    Agemede floor lamp rises over 40 inches which allows it to project light to the upper levels of any space. 
    Due to the unique braided pattern of the shade if it's positioned close to
    any surface you will observe an intriquette shadow shapes.

    Due to the uniqueness of the wood pattern will vary.

    *Custom sizes are available




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