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Our company aims to provide luxurious customized wooden furniture made using the highest quality, California-sourced, wood available. This allows us to focus on remaining as environmentally friendly as possible without sacrificing the quality of sustainability of the items you shall receive.


Influenced by the meticulous nature of the painters & sculptors of Renaissance era and striving high-tech culture of Northern California, combining it with our dedicated team’s artistic visions - as well as the customers - we aim to provide an architectural masterpiece with every created piece.


Meraki Woods was founded in 1990 by Eduard Kevorkov, a fine arts, wood and leather artist who graduated from St. Petersburg School of Arts. His humble beginnings involved constructing stages for local theatres and historical scenes for local museums, but his true interest had always been nature, and the natural materials this produced.

This fascination led to the beginning of what is now a far bigger operation, when he decided to open his own wooden workshop. Here, Eduard would spend his days carving portraits, Christian saints and ethnic masks. Word of mouth meant that, before long, he was provided with his very first large opportunity. This involved creating a wooden interior for a local government building, including conference and office tables, doors, and staircases. After this, Eduard became no stranger to larger audience

How DO we work?

To avoid damaging the quality of our products in the post-production stage, we will keep the wood in our warehouse and dry it for two years.

We will spend between 1 and 4 months bringing your vision to life. This will include a photo-realistic visualization of your product before we create it for real and install it into a place of your choice.

Long-lasting relationships with wood-collectors and farmers in San Francisco Bay Area and allow us to operate ethically by ensuring we only use trees that have been cut down from natural causes.

Find many bespoke homemade furniture items right here on our website that will spark your inspiration and help you decide on the perfect homemade furniture item for your residential or commercial space.


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